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Oh my god…that world-famous board game


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What is Monopoly?

Monopoly is a board game that was created in the United States in the early 20th century, and has a history of over 80 years , in which players acquire land and railroads, build houses and hotels, and increase their assets. , is a game loved all over the world. It’s similar to what they call the “game of life” in Japan.

What would you think if you could play the world-famous Monopoly at an online casino? I think it’s definitely fun, right? What…you can play at Casino Paris at EMPIRE777 Casino!

The other day, at EMPIRE777 Casino, I played “MONOPOLY Live”, a collaboration with the manny wheel “Dreamcatcher” from the game provider “Evlolution”, which is extremely popular in the online gaming industry! This is really interesting! ! After all, instead of just spinning the wheel and winning twice the number that comes out, the wheel has bonus zones called “CHANCE”, “2 rolls”, and “4 rolls”, and if you hit these, you will win a Monopoly game. You can proceed to the bonus game and have a chance to win more money.

There are more chances to win than regular money wheels, and you can also enjoy thrilling game effects. empire777 casino

Now, let’s take a closer look at the fun “MONOPOLY Live”!

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Monopoly Live Rules

A cheerful host spins a wheel, and players have to predict where the wheel will stop.

The wheel (large circular panel) has the chances of “1”, “2”, ” 5 “, ” 10 “, ” 2 roll”, ” 4 roll” and “?”, and you place your bet where you think you are likely to win. . Additionally, this game has a feature called “Bet All”, which, as the name suggests, allows you to bet on all positions.

If the block that lands on the top of the wheel is where the player bets, the player wins.

If your prediction is correct, you will be paid according to the multiplier of the place where you landed, and if your prediction is incorrect, your bet amount will be forfeited. For example, if you bet $5 on “2” and win, you will get a refund of 2 x 5 + 5 (bet amount) = $15.


How to Play

A bet screen will be displayed on the screen before the game starts. Players place bets of their choice in the area circled in red at the bottom of the screen, with the amount of their choice.

At this time, you can also use the “Bet All” function to place bets on all positions.

The time limit for placing a bet is 8 seconds. If you do not place your bet within the time limit, your bet will not be accepted. Please note that because it is a LIVE broadcast, other players are also participating, and the game will not progress at your own pace! !

Once the bet is accepted, the host will start spinning the wheel.

The result of the above game round was “1”.

If it had been a little off, it would have been a “2 roll”… This exciting feeling is irresistible! lol

Regarding the payout, using the image above as an example, if you bet $1 on “1”, the payout will be $2 (1x + $1 (bet amount)). (Because the bet amount is added)

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If a bonus zone (“2 roll” “4 roll”) appears

If a player bets on the bonus zone “2 roll” or “4 roll” and the result is “2 roll” or “4 roll”, they can proceed to the bonus game. “Roll” means to roll the dice, and in the case of “2 roll” you can roll the dice twice, and in the case of “4 roll” you can roll the dice four times. Also, Mr. Monopoly progresses by the number of dice rolls.

By the way, if you roll a double, you get one more chance to roll the dice.

How to Proceed to the Bonus Game

To advance to the bonus game, you must bet on “2 rolls” or “4 rolls” and the wheel must stop at the appropriate location.

When the wheel stops at “2 rolls” or “4 rolls”, Mr. Monopoly appears! A multiplier is displayed randomly on the board, and the bet is multiplied by the displayed square and the multiplier, allowing you to win money. If you land on a square where the multiplier is not displayed, a card will be displayed, and depending on the contents of the card, you may receive the amount written on the card.

The dice are rolled inside the balloon, and Mr. Monopoly advances through the squares by the total number of the two dice.

In the case of the picture below, a total of 12 dice were rolled and it landed on the ” 5x ” square, so the payout was 5 for a $ 1 bet . If the game ends at that point, your bet will be added to your winnings for a total of $ 6 . Also, as explained above, if you roll a double, you can roll the dice one more time.

Monopoly board

If the next square that stops is somewhere other than the payout, a board will appear at the top right of the screen. There is a chance to get what is written on that board as a bonus.

However, if you land on a square where this multiplier is not written, the board will say “Receive 5 USD “, so you will receive 5 USD as a prize. The bonus in the square is an accrual system, so you got 5 dollars in the previous one, and to get 5 dollars again this time, you got 10 dollars ( Finally, the bet amount is also added at the end, so you got 11 dollars in total )

In the image below, if you stop at a square with income tax and it says “ -10% “, the bonus you earned in this round will be subtracted as the name suggests. Not everything is lucky. This is gambling! lol

( If it rolls on the first roll of the dice , there is no bonus to acquire, so it will not be drawn. )


Monopoly Layout

The layout of the Monopoly game used in the bonus game is similar to the actual Monopoly game: “Land”, “Facilities”, “Free Parking”, “Railway”, “Taxes”, “Go to Jail”, “Chance”, ” These include “Community Card” and “Advance.”


If Mr. Monopoly lands on a square labeled “Tax”, taxes will be deducted from your bonus game winnings. Income tax will be deducted at 10%, and 20% will be deducted in the case of super tax. (If it stops at “Tax” from the first shot, there will be no winnings and no deductions will be made.)

“Go to jail”

If Mr. Monopoly lands on the “Jail” or “Go to Jail” square, Mr. Monopoly will be transported to the prison. And the only way to escape is to roll a “Zero” on the dice. Normally, if you roll a double, you get one more chance to roll the dice. But if you end up in jail, unfortunately it will be used to get you out of jail, and the number of times you roll the dice will not increase.

“move on”

When Mr. Monopoly moves forward, the multiplier displayed on each square on the board will jump to 2x.

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What is the chance of “?”?

MONOPOLY Live’s wheel has a “?” mark. This “?” is called a chance section, and if the wheel stops at the “chance section”, you can earn either a cash benefit or a multiplier bonus. Of course, if you don’t bet somewhere, you won’t have a participation ticket for it, so there will be no payout.

If you win cash, your total bet will be added to your winning amount.

In addition, if you win a multiplier bonus, all bets will remain the same, but the host will spin the roulette again. And your winnings will increase by the multiplier you earned. If you gain a multiplier again, that multiplier will add to your previous multiplier.


Monopoly table

This game has a feature that allows you to check the roll history of past game rounds. It’s like displaying the recent history and letting the player predict what the next roll will be. This is the “ruled line” in Baccarat. It’s up to you whether you use it as a reference.

As you can see in the image below, 2 rolls and 4 rolls may not come out very often.

Just when you think about it, it might explode!

I do not know what will happen! This is MONOPOLY !

Also, I was unable to place a bet due to a bathroom break or sudden phone call while playing! ! In the meantime, I missed the bonus game! ! Don’t worry, there is a convenient auto-play button for those who say so!



What is Monopoly Live?

Monopoly Live is an online casino game developed by Evolution Gaming. Combining elements of the classic Monopoly board game with a live dealer spinning a wheel. Players bet on where the wheel will stop, with various multipliers and bonus rounds enhancing the gameplay.

How do you play Monopoly Live?

Players place bets on different sections of the wheel before the host spins it. If the wheel stops on the section a player bet on, they win according to the multiplier of that section. Bonus rounds, such as “2 rolls” or “4 rolls,” offer additional chances to win.

What are the bonus rounds in Monopoly Live?

Bonus rounds like “2 rolls” and “4 rolls” allow players to participate in a Monopoly-themed bonus game. Where they roll virtual dice to move Mr. Monopoly along a board. Depending on where Mr. Monopoly lands, players can win multipliers or cash prizes.

What happens if you land on “Chance” in Monopoly Live?

Landing on the “Chance” section of the wheel in Monopoly Live. It can result in either a cash prize or a multiplier bonus. Players who win cash prizes receive an immediate payout. While those who win multipliers have their winnings increased by the multiplier on a subsequent spin.

Can you play Monopoly Live on mobile devices?

Yes, Monopoly Live is accessible on mobile devices, allowing players to enjoy the game on smartphones or tablets. This enables convenient gameplay anytime, anywhere, as long as there is an internet connection.

Actually Try It!!

After actually trying it out, my impression is that you have a better chance of getting dividends than with a regular money wheel! Moreover, it seems very bold to turn Monopoly’s game into a casino game.

In addition, you can bet on everything in this game, so I think placing a small bet will lead to a win. In particular , it is better to bet on 2 roll” and “ 4 roll” every round. Therefore, if you advance to the bonus game, you have a chance of winning a large prize!

Please come and enjoy this game at EMPIRE777 Casino !

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