Zombie Carnival スロット:クレイジーなリアルマネーの利益

Crazy debut with a zombie-themed slot game! This game is a new type of slot game that adds fear and excitement at the same time. EMPIRE777 offers Pragmatic Play Zombie slot games that give you a new playing experience such as story themes and iconic characters. This game features zombie bears, zombie humans, and story elements. Make profits and make gambling even more fun. Enjoy the game to the fullest by combining various elements.

EMPIRE777 is confident that the bright and interesting characters of this game will immediately catch the attention of players, and at the same time we are also confident in Pragmatic Play, which boasts excellent game quality. The zombie theme will definitely bring fun and excitement to players. Get excited, have fun, and earn some money too!

In addition to color and playfulness, the key is still in the details of the game. The free spins feature increases your chances of winning more than other slot games in the same genre. 777 Japanese Empire Promotional Offer

Zombie Carnival

Zombie Carnival slot game details

  • Game Theme: Zombie themed slots
  • Slot game 4 rows 6 reels
  • Over 4000 winning lines
  • Equipped with wild symbol
  • A scatter symbol appears with a special function
  • Payback rate 50%
  • Free spins feature available
  • Brain symbols give you free spins, which you can receive for one round in a row.
  • Earn multipliers up to 5000x your bet amount
  • Prizes and payouts are counted from left to right starting from the win column.
  • A random special symbol appears at the end of each free spin

Zombie Carnival game key symbols

  • joker zombie symbol
  • giant zombie
  • magician zombie symbol
  • bomber zombie symbol
  • Alphabet A
  • Alphabet K
  • Alphabet Q
  • Alphabet J
  • brain scatter
  • wild bear zombie

In other words, the symbols and playing methods are perfected. Each game has its own personality and tends to be more reliably profitable than others. This is because normally in slot games like this with over 4,000 winning lines, the free spins feature rarely offers players this many symbols and multipliers. This means that the profit margin is better than regular slot games. Try this slot game and experience the most challenging free spins round!